LFCSA & LFCMSA are now the California Creative Learning Academy.

Transforming our world and ourselves through inquiry, innovation & connection.

California Creative Learning Academy (CalCreative) is not just a place, it is a way of being. Exploring the world through creative processes allows us to cultivate the skills of creativity, curiosity, empathy and connection, as we mindfully learn to create what we imagine as a mindset. → Learn more

The California Creative Learning Academy (CalCreative) is a place where students, teachers, parents, and the community collaborate to create a nurturing and inspiring learning environment where students can develop academic and life skills. Through our holistic approach to learning the California Creative Learning Academy (CalCreative) empowers our students to inquire, self-express, listen to multiple perspectives, and take risks to discover who they are and create a world they want to live in.

We are a model public school helping to create a society that deeply values what it means to be human as a creative process and values one another as purposeful beings solving problems as a way of being. 

As a philosophy of learning, we value learning through creative processes as authentic catalysts for social change in education. Creative learning is the change needed in education that creates a connected society that cares for one another and values inclusivity and diversity throughout our shared experience. As a way of being, we are helping to create a society that deeply values what it means to be human as a creative process. → Learn more


Here is what our parents, students and staff have to say about what makes our school special.

Keiv Richman

Middle School Student

“I feel like everyone cares about me at LFCSA [now CalCreative]. It’s nice to know that people are here for me and want to help me grow.”

Elvis Logsdon

Elementry School Student

“My favorite thing about my school is all the fun projects I do with my classmates. We take a lot of field trips and use what we learn to make real life connections.”

Libby Richter


“I feel very fortunate to be at a school that puts their faith in their teachers. At LFCSA [now CalCreative] I feel like I have the space to be creative and grow in my practice.”

Shannon Noel


“Both of my boys have been here since Kindergarten and love coming to school. From the social emotional learning to the arts integration to the absolutely amazing and dedicated teachers, admin and staff, we feel so fortunate to have happened upon this terrific free, public school in the middle of our city.”

Rosa Valencia


“Durante el tiempo que mi hijo estuvo en la escuela, noté una increíble diferencia en su desarrollo académico y personal. Ha mejorado la forma en que comunicamos sus necesidades y deseos emocionales. Ha sido más consciente de los sentimientos de Sus maestros han podido ayudar a mi hijo a aprender a su manera.”

Evelyn Serrano

Director of Arts Integration

“I have been a teacher at this amazing school for many years. I continue to be inspired by its mission of providing inspiring, arts integrated, and project based learning education to our students. I am inspired by my remarkable colleagues, who are lifelong learners and thoroughly committed to making our school a place for rigorous, standard-based learning for all our kiddos. I am inspired by my students! I have the privilege of witnessing and supporting their development into courageous, kind, collaborative and creative scholars.”

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